Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for your interest to volunteer or do an internship with Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH).

We have opportunities within CTPH to volunteer and do internships.

You could help out at the Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Center (Gorilla Research Clinic) where we analyze fecal samples from gorillas and livestock; as well as people who are sick, through a partnership with the local health centres, and find out what diseases they could be sharing so that we can prevent and control disease outbreaks. You can also volunteer, intern or conduct research on the effectiveness of our integrated model through participating in the following programs:

Gorilla Health Monitoring: we work with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) wardens and rangers to collect fecal samples from gorilla night nests and train them to look out for clinical signs in the gorillas.

Livestock Health: we train Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWS) who provide basic veterinary services  to the community’s livestock. We also support the community with rabies vaccinations, spays and neuters of their pet dogs and cats.

Community Health: where we work with Village Health and Conservation Teams (VHCTs) community volunteers who  visit homes in their villages and promote hygiene and sanitation, family planning, infectious disease prevention and control including referring suspect TB, HIV, Scabies and diarrhoea patients, nutrition and sustainable agriculture, as well as, conservation of the gorillas and their habitat. This includes reporting homes that are regularly visited by gorillas to help reduce human and wildlife conflict.

Conservation Education in Schools: We  have a youth program –  the Impenetrable Kids League, a partnership with The Kids League where we currently work with eight schools in two subcounties around Bwindi; the winning team has to win the game and score highest on the quiz about conservation and public health.


Typical length of stay is one month, but can range from one week to two months or even longer. The budget is $500 per volunteer or intern per week covering accommodation in a self contained tent or self contained room in a Guest House, meals and staff time. If you bring your own tent, it is $350 for the week.  This does not include a gorilla permit which costs $600 and goes to Uganda Wildlife Authority or transport, which varies according to the means of transport from Entebbe to Bwindi, and the type of work in Bwindi. CTPH can help you to book a gorilla permit.

Please fill the form and return it to us with your CV at your most convenient time. Click here to download our “Study With A Cause” brochure.


Please complete and return these application forms if interested in becoming a CTPH intern.

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    2. I understand that I will be required to present my immunization records to the CTPH Office in order to be "cleared" for volunteering.

    3. By checking "I Agree" below, I agree to a criminal background check and to a commitment to the volunteer program at CTPH