Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Centre


Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) was founded in 2003 when we traced fatal scabies skin disease outbreaks in gorillas back to people living around the park who have very little health care and education about hygiene and disease prevention. CTPH promotes gorilla conservation by enabling people, wildlife and livestock co exist through improving their health and livelihoods in and around protected areas in Africa.
CTPH built a Gorilla Research Clinic in Buhoma, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park’s main tourist site, which has now expanded to a larger Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Center with a panoramic view of Bwindi forest, where we give tourists a behind the scenes tour of gorilla conservation through explaining our programs including gorilla health monitoring, community health and livelihoods.
This includes a tour and demonstration showing how we analyse fecal samples from gorillas, where tourists can get to examine samples. We also talk about our community work, which is essential to prevent diseases being transmitted between people and gorillas.
We also give seminars including a power point presentation with slides, about our work with the gorillas and Bwindi local community where visitors can get a more in depth information followed by a question and answer session. It lasts one to one and a half hours and we charge $250 per group for this experience.
We also have the intimate gorilla experience where tourists can track gorillas with Dr Gladys or the CTPH team and get more information about gorilla health and conservation. Depending on how far the gorilla night nests are from the gorillas, this can sometimes include visiting the gorilla night nests and collecting fecal samples which are later analysed at the Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Center. If tourists track gorillas with Dr Gladys, we charge $500 per group guiding and $500 for travel costs. If the clients go tracking with any other CTPH staff, we charge $100 per group for the guiding fees.
In the community health program, we work with Village Health and Conservation Teams (VHCTs) who visit homes in their villages and promote hygiene and sanitation, family planning, infectious disease prevention and control through education and referring suspect TB, HIV, Scabies and diarrhea patients. They also promote nutrition and sustainable agriculture, as well as, conservation of the gorillas and their habitat including reporting homes that are regularly visited by gorillas to help reduce human and wildlife conflict. We can arrange for tourists to visit our VHCTs in their homes and see how they improve the quality of lives of local communities in their villages.
Your clients could also participate in our sports program – The Impenetrable Kids League – where different secondary schools participate and the points are awarded according to the goals scored and the conservation quiz answered. The teams are named after Uganda’s top primates and include Gorillas, Chimps, Bush babies and ..
Visitors can also get an opportunity to improve community livelihoods by participating in our livelihood improvement program. We work closely with the coffee farmers around Bwindi to develop coffee safaris through our social enterprise – Gorilla Conservation Coffee (http://gorillaconservationcoffee.org/) which was started by CTPH with support from WWF Switzerland. The Gorilla Conservation Coffee venture was launched after Dr. Gladys visited farmers adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Here she learned that the farmers were not being given a fair price for their coffee. She realized that these farmers were struggling hard to survive and were forced to use the national park to look for an alternative source of income. This was exposing the gorillas to infection from human diseases. Unregulated human presence in the forest also risks destroying the gorillas’ fragile habitat.
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On your visit to CTPH facilities, we highly appreciate your support by shopping and going home with one of the following items: Every dollar you spend supports our work.
CTPH shirts with collar $25 or without collar $15
Gorilla Conservation Coffee $10 (500g), $5 (250g) both ground and beans
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Gorilla Conservation Coffee is available at the Entebbe airport duty free shop, at our offices in Entebbe, Gorilla Conservation Camp in Buhoma – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen’s Pavilion Telecenter at the Crater drive gate (Queen Elizabeth National Park), Banana Boat gift shops in Kampala, Omukago shop on George Street, lodges in protected areas and Lake Heights Hotel, Protea Hotel and Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe.
The Intimate Gorilla Experience
Adventure Consults, an East African Safari destination specialist, has partnered with Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka to offer intimate Gorilla Safari experiences. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a home to more than half the world’s remaining population of mountain gorillas and in order to protect them, CTPH & Adventure Consults have come up with special packages aimed at providing in-depth experiences & research.
Dr. Gladys is Uganda’s primatologist and conservationist who has been studying diseases in Gorillas for over 20 years and is known as the ‘Dian Fossey’ of Uganda. Tracking Gorillas with Dr Gladys is a rewarding experience but it’s a small fraction of her work. Next to Bwindi forest, is the CTPH Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Center (Gorilla Clinic) with a team of researchers who analyse fecal samples from gorillas, people and livestock who they share a fragile habitat with. Our team of CTPH staff and Village Health and Conservation Teams reach out to the local people in their homes and enlighten them about the values of conservation. As a result, this has reduced bad practices of hunting and clearing the forest. Communities have come to understand that keeping gorillas safe generates them income hence sustainability.
As you prepare for your next East African holiday, you are advised to include an exclusive Gorilla Conservation and Research experience program. You will have an opportunity to track Gorillas with Dr. Gladys who will share her knowledge (as she is known to the legion of fans who have watched her BBC, CNN and other popular shows) or track with one of her trained researchers.
For more information, inquiries or booking please contact  [email protected] or [email protected] and one of our consultants will get back to you. Website www.adventureconsults.com